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It all began as my celebration of a marvelous gift from nature!

Many years ago my sister-in-law purchased an intrically woven Lavender Wand at a country fair. We share a love of crafting and flowers, and when she showed me her fragrant ribboned treasure, I made a mental note right then that I'd like to make one myself some day. I even recorded a sketch on a piece of paper to remind me how to proceed. But a couple of decades went by before I was presented with the opportunity of having all the fresh lavender I'd need to practice!

When my family moved to Newberg, Oregon in the summer of 2001, we found a charming old house to rent on 1/3 of an acre which had been lushly planted with old-fashioned flowering perennials and herbs. Several lavender varieties prospered in different places in the yard, and the mature bushes were in full bloom when we moved in at the end of July. I was immediately, completely enchanted.

two lavender wands

lavender wands displayed in a crystal vase

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I counted it incredibly fortunate that a 15 foot long row of deep purple lavendula angustifolia "Hedcote," was growing next to the garden spot. This variety, I was to learn, has for centuries been considered one of the most exquisite of all lavenders for color and scent. I felt strongly compelled to harvest and use all the gorgeous flowers.

Now the time was right! My first project was, of course, to learn to weave lavender wands. See: About Weaving Lavender Wands. My daughter and I practiced together, altogether weaving more than 200 wands over the next couple of months, which we mostly gave away as gifts. We also pursued a small but supportive gifts market which enabled us to sell several dozen as well. I thought of it as an appropriately "soothing gift for stressful times."

We spent hours in the warm sunshine that summer carefully snipping hundreds of blossoms stem by stem, immersed in the sweet air and the droning of bumbles and honeybees. They loved the lavender! As did the cat, who one day proceeded to climb up into the higher branches of one of the shrubs as though it was a hammock and drift to sleep.

And after working with lavender, it was apparent that everything you read about the aromatherapy benefits is true, that lavender is very soothing to the senses!

Being interested in herbal health practices and healing for many years, I have begun a fervent study about lavender and it's different varieties and uses. It is an amazing and valuable plant, and all of its parts may be used!

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