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How It Started
A gift from nature!
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A natural defense!

The Lavender is a low maintenance plant which honey bees and bumbles love. It likes full sun and needs neither alot of water nor alot of fertilizer.

Beyond the sheer visual beauty of spring and summer blossoms, the fragrant flowers have special properties which must be recognized as very beneficial to humankind, as well as to bees.

The exquisite scent of lavender has been prized since antiquity for the making of the finest perfumes. The volatile oils are used in aromatherapy and are known to aid wellness, sooth the nervous system, counter depression and promote natural sleep.

The oil is antiseptic and is proven to help to heal burns when applied to the skin. There is evidence that lavender has anti-viral and anti-bacterial properties. Some varieties are rich in camphor, and make a natural moth-repellant when tucked into drawers with woolens. The dried blossoms will release fragrance for years.

These riches, all from a woody shrub that popped up long ago in arid sunny places, abundantly available to be wild crafted. Truly a gift from nature!

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