Fine Handcrafted Lavender Gifts
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Fragrant Oregon grown lavender flowers, satiny Chinese silks and colorful weavings of satin ribbons promote healing and wellness through the joys of sight, touch and smell. The tactile beauty of these handcrafted gifts offer the finest of natural wonders and quality.

One of the natural marvels of lavender is that the volatile oils are known in aromatherapy to sooth the nervous system, counter depression and promote natural sleep. To enjoy the beauty and qualities of lavender is to create a sensuous and nurishing experience.

A thoughtful and caring gift.

Lavender Wands
Elegantly handwoven with satin ribbon, slender bundles of whole lavender blossoms dried on the stem. 8" to 14" in length. Scrunch the head to release the fragrance.

Lavender-stuffed Silk Hearts
These silky pillows of soothing scent come in beautiful colors and fabrics delightful to touch. Stuffed with dried lavender flowers. Tuck them in drawers, around the bed, by your favorite chair. Give to someone you love.

Lavender-filled  Silk Dreampillows
Quilted pockets of silk encasing dried English lavender flowers. Slip one under your own pillow, and SWEET DREAMS!

Lavender-filled Silk Closetkeepers
Shelf mats of CHINESE SILK , sewn with quilted pockets of dried lavender flowers. Use in closets and drawers to keep them fresh. Slip the silken mats under woolen sweaters. Discourages moths!

Ornaments & Sachets
Delightful pouches of fragrant, dried lavender flowers or spicy whole cloves.

Five multi-colored lavender wands
lavender wand and lavender-filled silk heart pillow
lavender wand, silk lavender-filled dreampillow and heart
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