about weaving lavender wands

The opportunity to weave lavender wands presents itself only while the bushes bloom (spring through fall, depending on the weather that season). Lavender wands must be crafted soon after careful harvesting. The stems and flower heads become brittle as they air dry, so therefore must be woven while still pliable. It is a labor intensive process.Bundles of fresh blossoms are individually handcut and counted, eleven to seventeen stems. Each bundle is tightly tied at the base of the blossoms and left to wilt for a short time. The bundle is then turned blossoms down, and each stem is carefully bent back down over the flower heads and then interwoven round and round with satin ribbon to encase the flowers in a "cage." Many years ago this was called a "bottle." Once the wand is woven, the flowers and stems continue to completely air dry. These elegant wands will hold their beauty and fragrance for years. See: Multi-colored close-up

"Red Rose" lavender wand  

Many varieties of Lavenders offer different scents, a range of colors from purple to pink to white, and small to long stems. But only fairly long-stemmed varieties may successfully be used to weave Lavender wands. Finished length runs from 8" to 15." "Hedcote" is a special favorite for fragrance, but "Provence" is grand for long, dramatic wands. The Red Rose Style wand pictured above is 15" long.

In Aromatheropy, Lavender is known for it's natural stress-relieving qualities. Place Lavender wands by the bed, by your favorite chair, in the bathroom, in your drawer, in your closet, on the dash of your car. Scrunch the head to release the scent. You will be surprised how long the fragrance will last, often for several years.

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