1. Local

Respect and Support your neighbors and surrounding communities.

2. Organically Grown

Reduce Pesticides and Herbicides in our diet and in the environment.

3. Synthetic-Free, Chemical-Free

Household, Health and Beauty, Yard and Garden Products.

4. Holistic Health Maintenance Services

Request alternatives to standard allopathic invasive procedures and wanton (but hugely profitable) dispensing of pharmaceutical drug prescriptions.

5. Public Schools

Community support of public schools is vital to the health of our neighborhoods and our society!

6. Public Libraries

Invaluable Collective Resources available to all! I HEART MY LIBRARY

7. Responsible Stewardship of Land, Wetlands and Waterways

Support Wildlife Refuges and Preserve Natural Environments. Nature flows despite fences.

Encourage Sustainable and Non-Toxic Natural Resource Management.

8. Tree Free and Recycled Paper Products

Reduce demand on our forests.

9. Simplify. Refrain. Recycle. Restore Resources. Rethink Values.

Reduce consumption of products made with all new or toxic materials.

10. Live in Harmony With Other Humans! Respect and Negotiate, Not Wage War!

Live, Work and Pray for Peace! NO WAR FOR PROFIT!

How you earn and spend your money matters!
Dare to earn and spend your money responsibly!
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