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Make the conscious choice to NOT buy and you will change the world.

1. Mandatory Vaccination Programs
Just say NO to MANDATORY Vaccinations!

2. Flu and other Viral Disease Vaccines
About flu vaccine dangers, marketing  and profits

3. Monopolized AMA Health Services
Is the US the healthiest country in the world? NO!

4. Fluoridated Water
Adding toxic chemicals to public water systems for profit, not health!

5. Processed JUNK FOOD
Manufactured food causes disease!

6. Synthetic Chemical-Based Pesticides
Kills more than pests!

7. Toxic Household Products
Makes your family and your pets sick.

8. Genetically Modified "Food"
Just say NO to GMO!

9. Animal Tested Products
The Business is CRUEL

10. War Profiteering and Glorified Militarism
Live and Work for Peace, Not War!

buyer beware
How You Spend Your Money Can Change The World
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