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Latest News On the Dangers of
Hepatitis B Vaccine

At risk are intravenous drug users and the sexually promiscuous. So why are infants being targeted?

Link   Wisconsin middle-school girl dies after getting vaccination, 2013

Link   Baby dies after routine shots for Hep B, Polio, and DPT, 2013

Link   Hep B Vaccine Kills 3 Newborn Babies. | EU 2013

Link   The Great Hep B Scam

Link   Hepatitis B Vaccine Caused Fatal Auto-Immune Disorder, 2013

Link   MMR Vaccine causes Autism - leaked CDC Research Proves it, 2014

Link   Parents Question Forced Vaccination As Reports of Hepatitis B Vaccine Reactions Multiply  July 2003    

Link   Warning: New Hepatitis Vaccine Recs Can Devastate Newborn's Health 01/23/03

Link   A Dangerous Vaccine - Hep B, 2001

Link   Vaccines that kill children? Interview with mandated-immunization opponent Michael Belkin 12/03/00

Link   The Hepatitis B vaccine has been linked to immunological and neurological disorders. Many parents are absolutely certain that this vaccine damaged or killed their child.

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