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With deepest concern to protect, parents chant the modern mantra we have been taught to say to our children. "Just Say NO To Drugs!"

At the same time, one of the biggest of global businesses with the largest of profit margins wages a constant multibillion dollar advertising and media campaign to "educate" us to incorporate their products [pharmaceuticals, that is, "drugs"] into every single aspect of our lives, from birth to death, in sickness and in health. They want you to say "Yes."

If we didn't use all those pharmaceutical drugs, millions of people in many interrelated fields feeding the industry would be out of a job and many fortunes would no longer be sustained.

In the presence of scrutiny, then, the old maxim needs to be better qualified, obviously not meant to be taken literally. Because today, statistics show a shocking general increase in drug use by children -- pharmaceutical drugs, as prescribed by their family physicians. The campaign "Just Say No to Drugs" implies: Don't use drugs dispensed outside the auspices of "professionals," doctors of medicine and those in the business of dispensing pharmaceuticals. No illegal "street" drugs. But "NO drugs," hardly!

In striving to be the best parents we can be, we agonize over some of the decisions we must make in caring for our children. We try to be informed. We try to be good role models. We try to teach our children positive life skills. We rush in alarm to our children's defense against a myriad of life's dangers. We search our souls.

But we are told by government and the modern medical industry that we are unacceptable caretakers of our children's health. We are told we are insufficiently capable, by lack of professional degree and aptitude, to make informed health maintenance decisions, and that only a fee based consultation with an AMA accredited physician proposing AMA accredited techniques is acceptable. Any decision concerning our children's health outside these parameters, including saying no to allopathic medicine, is considered to be a risk to our child, if not open neglect. This, despite glaring facts that in the history of medicine, many drugs and medical procedures have been introduced and abandoned as harmful failures. This, despite centuries of evidence which supports the validity of an alternative natural choice with holistic healing methods that focus on nutrition and plant-based medicine, sanitation and non-invasive bodywork.

These are the cornerstones of health. Vigorous sanitation. Pure, clean water. Pure, clean air. Whole, simple, nutritionally diverse foods. Some sunshine. Some exercise. Sufficient sleep. Loving attention and touch. A feeling of being 'safe'. Decades of evidence from observations of deviations from these cornerstones for whatever reason suggest strongly that disease increases and mental health suffers as a result.

Science has proven our bodies were created with the capabilities of a miraculous immune system, meant to serve as a complete inner defense against impurities and disease, and which stimulates the body to heal itself. It's all chemistry. Busy every second, our bodies natural systems take in air, water, food, and sunshine in a process of building and rebuilding, flushing and sparking our life forces. If the body is invaded by an onslaught of environmental toxins and unsanitary conditions, or if food is inadequate in nutritional content, the functions of the immune system would be weakened or knocked out entirely. An informed parent would be the wisest to insure that their children's immune systems were never compromised.

It's all chemistry. And chemistry is big business. Manufacturers of pharmaceuticals will do anything to convince the world that the cornerstones of health can be circumvented. Thousands of serums have been concocted and promoted as replacements or enhancers to natural body defense functions, even as the air we breathe, the water we drink, the food we eat, all are contaminated with tons of man-made toxic chemicals.

Some people say that these chemical products are a boon to mankind. Statistics prove that hundreds of thousands of people have been maimed or outright killed by the use or production of these compounds. And witness the alarming increase of cancer, heart disease, diabetes, allergies, and mysterious heart wrenching childhood diseases such as autism, attention deficit disorder and SID. The billions of dollars spent on pharmaceutical products purchased to fight these diseases and to promote health have not proven to turn this increase around. Prudent skepticism of man-made chemistry seems in order.

But the insidious techniques of marketing psychology have insured broad compliance-buying by an unsuspecting consumer. For instance, in the mass market today, it is considered completely benign that children swill gallons of manufactured, chemical "soda" drinks, and ingest pounds of artificial sweeteners and flavors and chemical dyes in manufactured candy and "food."

And in the guise of serving the best interests of the welfare of our communities and society in general, these are times when the AMA and public service agencies are demanding mandatory vaccination of all children in a crusade against measles, chicken pox, whooping cough, mumps, polio, hepatitis, and other targeted childhood disorders.

All this despite the fact that there is indeed a great deal of evidence that this mindset of promoting chemicals and invasive drugs to combat disease is all wrong for the health of our children. Very wrong. But very profitable.

Maggie Volk 2004

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The Body's Immune System Is What Cures Disease,
Not Drugs.
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