Custom Web Site Design Estimate Worksheet and Calculator
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A Web Site Cost Estimate depends on many variables. Using the worksheet / calculator below can help you to
understand probable development and design costs for your custom project needs.

Costs shown are minimum estimates for developing new, custom projects. Your project may include some or all of the items listed. For those which apply to your project, fill in a quantity and then click on the page for "on the fly" calculations.

  What is the domain name?  
  What is the intended purpose of the site?  
  Web Site Component Description Quantity Cost  Component Totals  
  Home Page coding, custom CSS, full meta 340.  
  1st Tier (Unique Pages) coding 200.  
  2nd Tier / photo gallery pages coding 150.  
  images/jpegs resized and optimized, each 25.  
  forms/submit 100.  
  applied javascript 80.  
  custom graphics/ logo development 200.  
  digital photography & custom product shots 30.  
  copy writing and development 200.  
  monthly maintenance 50.  


  Project Cost Estimate
Minimum Total: