Protecting Our Backyard Wild Birds

Floor to ceiling banks of windows in almost every room reveal gorgeous views across the lake and the yard, its surrounding hillside spaciousness wild with mossy rock boulders and twenty foot tall camellias, rhododendrons, azaleas, lilac, japanese quince, plum trees, big-leaf maples, douglas firs, oregon grape, huckleberries, overgrown blackberries and ivy. There are rambling pathways, stone steps and walls, patios and classic concrete bird baths complete with frequent bathers.

For me, simply living here is the true value of this house alone, by default I am immersed in an experience of daily visual outdoor beauty.

I see I am not the only one living here on this lake shore bluff; this property is certainly a wildlife refuge.

Many kinds of songbirds make residence here in the trees, bushes and ivy, but also, many migrating species of water birds visit Lake Oswego to rest and to nest. Overlooking Lakewood and Half Moon Bay, in one year I have seen, for sure, each of the species listed here, most of them through one of the big windows of our house.

So now I have been observing for 18 months the many bird famiies who have been living here, and those birds who have passed through the area on their way to some other destination. I think they are observing me as well. I will try to always have the feeders full.

Meet Your Neighbors

Attracting Birds

The Backyard Refuge

All photos property of Maggie Volk 2009

In my yard I have seen:
American robin
varied thrush
Swainson's thrush
Steller's jay
Western scrub jay
black-capped chickadee
chestnut-backed chickadee
red-breasted nuthatch
white breasted nuthatch
spotted towhee
dark-eyed junco
fox sparrow
golden-crowned sparrow
song sparrow
pine siskin
Townsend's warbler
black-throated gray warbler
black-and-white warbler
Wilson's warbler
yellow-rumped warbler
orange-crowned warbler
brown creeper
Bewick's wren
Anna's hummingbird
Allen's hummingbird
black-chinned hummingbird
rufous-backed hummingbird
downy woodpecker
hairy woodpecker
pileated woodpecker
northern flicker
house finch
purple finch
American goldfinch
lesser goldfinch
western tanager
American crow
red-breasted sapsucker
cedar waxwing
bohemian waxwing
ruby-crowned kinglet
mourning dove
sharp-shinned hawk
red-tailed hawk
band-tailed pigeon

On the lake:

Canadian geese
bufflehead duck
common merganser
great blue heron
great egret
green heron
pied-billed grebes
American coot
California gull
double-crested cormorant
bank swallow
bald eagle
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